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Call to Serve Statement of Purpose

Call to Serve

Federal agencies play a critical role in addressing our nation’s most pressing issues. To tackle these challenges, ranging from protecting the environment to caring for our veterans, our government needs the right people working on its behalf.

Call to Serve is intended to connect students and jobseekers with federal opportunities by educating and encouraging these individuals to pursue government careers, and improving agencies’ ability to recruit and hire them.

For more than a decade, the Partnership, with support from the Office of Personnel Management, has executed a wide variety of Call to Serve programming designed to get talent into government, including workshops, webinars and pilot projects with select schools and agencies. Through these activities and others, the organization has engaged thousands of college and university faculty and staff members, federal agency representatives, and students and jobseekers, and gained valuable insights into effectively promoting public service.

Comprised of more than 775 campus members and hundreds of agency contacts, the Call to Serve Network is well-positioned to leverage and share these tips and strategies to help schools inspire students and jobseekers into federal careers, and assist agencies in implementing innovative recruiting and hiring techniques, and building their capacity to attract mission-critical talent.


How Can Federal Agencies Participate?
To meet the growing demands being placed on government, federal agencies must successfully recruit and hire a skilled and diverse workforce. The Call to Serve Network can assist your organization in streamlining processes and filling personnel needs through:

  • Interactive workshops designed to share practical and actionable tips and strategies for addressing common recruiting and hiring challenges and trends across government, and provide you with opportunities to collaborate with and learn promising practices from your colleagues;
  • Programs to help you leverage your student interns as passionate advocates dedicated to promoting jobs and internships with your agency to their peers during the academic year;
  • Access to college and university professionals on more than 775 campuses who you can connect with to establish talent pipelines and acquire the right people; and
  • A monthly newsletter featuring federal workforce news, and recruiting and hiring resources.
To learn more about these activities and tools and get your agency involved in the Call to Serve Network, please contact:

Jennifer Close
Program Manager, Education and Outreach
(202) 292-1012

How Can Colleges and Universities Participate?
For students and recent graduates, employment is about more than just a paycheck—it is about having the opportunity to make a difference. Now, more than ever, the federal government needs talented students and jobseekers to help address complex issues, ranging from global warming to the economy, and make a positive impact.

The Call to Serve Network can help your college or university to connect students and alumni with federal jobs and internships through:

  • Onsite and virtual trainings designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to educate students and jobseekers about government opportunities and build relationships with federal agencies;
  • Certificate program that can be leveraged to enhance and formalize your role as a federal advisor;
  • Access to the Call to Serve Toolkit, a robust set of resources that can assist you in promoting public service; and
  • A monthly newsletter featuring federal workforce news, agency spotlights and other helpful recruiting and hiring resources.
To enroll your college or university in the Call to Serve Network and take advantage of the activities and tools outlined above, please fill out this form. Not sure if your campus is already a member? View a list of Call to Serve Schools here. For more information, please contact:

Caleb Campbell
Program Associate, Education and Outreach
(202) 775-6892


Call to Serve eNews is a dynamic monthly email newsletter designed to educate the Call to Serve Community about the federal workforce. eNews features promising practices and resources related to promoting public service, and recruiting and hiring talent, as well as information about timely topics and trends in government.

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